dimland radio 5-22-21 show notes

Vaccine Passports, The ‘I Don’t Want To Do Thats’, And New Normals

Repeating some of last week’s talk about the I Don’t Want To Do That crowd and how they just don’t want to get with the program to get us past the pandemic, I connected their attitude to the possible need for vaccine passports. This crowd resisted all the actions the rest of us took to limit the spread of this virus every step of the way, repeatedly responding with “I don’t want to do that!”

Now some businesses (airlines in particular) might require customers prove their vaccination status in order to drop the masks and, of course, the I Don’t Want To Do Thats don’t want to do that. And that’s because they don’t want to get vaccinated.

They want things to be the way they were, but they don’t want to do the things required to get there. Sigh.

“Thanks for not being an asshole, Dad.” “You bet, Son!”

A complaint has risen from this crowd of selfish babies that there will be new normals because of the pandemic. One lamented the new normal of masks after I related the story of two teenage girls standing up to their mother to get her to wear a mask before entering a Walgreens. Again, if the I Don’t Want To Do That crowd had gotten with the program, the new normal of mask-wearing might not still be necessary.

Throughout history there have been new normals due to advances in medicine and technology, population growth and changes in demographics, new political ideas, economic booms and busts; and I’m sure there were the same types saying “I don’t want to do that” all along the way. The world changes and new ways of doing things and new requirements (driver’s licenses for instance) become normal.

Oh, by the way, mask mandates are ending soon all over the country. So much for the new normal of mandated permanent mask-wearing to control us.

It’s Not True: Life Expectancy. AGAIN!

Trae Crowder, comedian, podcaster, vlogger, and liberal redneck produces internet content commenting on liberal ideas and conservative dumbassness from his southerner perspective. There are liberal southerners, you know. (And he calls himself Liberal Redneck, so don’t get on my case.) I like his stuff a lot.

However, in a recent video, Trae talks about an abortion case from Mississippi that will get a hearing before the US Supreme Court. During his talk, he mentioned his displeasure of lifetime appointments to the Court. And then he does it.

When referring to the setting up of the original Supreme Court in the late 1780s and the lifetime appointments, he says, “I know that happened at a time when people didn’t live past 42 or whatever, so the notion of a tribunal of mummified regressivists presiding over the laws of the land wasn’t at the forefront of anybody’s thought process…”

Sigh. There it is. The misunderstanding of life expectancy. A big part of the reason life expectancy was so short back then was because of so many people dying at birth! No one! And I mean no one, was looking at a 41 year-old and thinking they had one foot in the grave. People who survived birth and early childhood lived to be 60, 70, 80 and even older.

And of the ten men Pres. George Washington appointed to the Court, only one, James Iredell, was under the age of 42 (he was 38). The oldest appointee (Thomas Johnson) was 59.

Not all of the men served for life. John Jay resigned after serving about six years. He was appointed at age 43 and died when he was 89. Thomas Johnson resigned after serving only 163 days, the shortest term of any US Supreme Court Justice. He died at age 86. If they had stayed on the Court, they would have served quite a long time.

Of the original ten, two died young. James Iredell at age 48 and James Wilson at age 55. The rest made it to 60 or older. And I’m sure that when Iredell and Wilson died plenty of people were saying they died too young.

So, when Washington was appointing justices to those lifetime positions he had every expectation they would be there a long time.

A Dimland Radio Pedantic Moment: Drive-Up Lane At McD’s

A nearby McDonald’s had recently reconfigured their parking lot to include a lane specifically for customers wishing to use the drive-up option. The lane is there to avoid having customers drive through the parking lot to get to the two drive-up menu boards (although it is possible to cut through the lot). McDonald’s wants to avoid having the parking lot clogged with people trying to get to the drive-up.

I, owing to my pedantic nature, of course use the designated drive-up lane.

The other day, a person who would have been behind me had they followed the rules ended up cutting me off. They got stuck behind someone ordering for the entire office, while I went to another menu board and got ahead of them in line. I had a nice chuckle.

But then the Pedantic Moment hit me.

A Dimland Radio Science Zero: 60 Minutes & Bill Whitaker

Yes, the venerable, well-respected, long-running TV news magazine 60 Minutes has slipped up a bit in their journalism. I was really reluctant to proclaim the program and reporter Bill Whitaker to be Dimland Radio Science Zeros. I almost didn’t because they only barely suggested space aliens might be behind UFOs or UAPs. UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) is the replacement term for UFO (Unidentified Flying Object).

Mick West

Just last week, I talked about skeptic Mick West. I mentioned how he had provided plausible explanations for US Navy videos of strange objects in the sky appearing to defy the laws of physics. Here is his write up on the 60 Minutes report.

Last Sunday, 60 Minutes did a credulous report on those very same videos. Although, “other worldly” explanations were briefly alluded to, the focus of the report was to wonder what these phenomena were and to stress that the videos were real. The US government was admitting UFOs or UAPs are real! (The main report is here and an extended extra interview is here.)

Well, yeah. Remember: The U in UFO and UAP stands for unidentified, not alien spacecraft, not inter-dimensional vehicles, not even super secret experimental military (foreign or domestic) aircraft (based on space alien technology, obviously).

Despite my reluctance, I am awarding Dimland Radio Science Zero status to 60 Minutes, Bill Whitaker, the US Navy, and everyone interviewed including Sen. Marco Rubio. They were all amazed and troubled by the “real” images. No one knew what these objects were, no one could explain what they could be, and no one asked Mick West.

Be patient. Wash your hands. Stay home. Stay safe. Wear a mask where required. AND GET VACCINATED!

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