dimland radio 5-15-21 show notes

Of Vax And Masks

I started by catching everyone up on my family’s vaccination status. Amy, Hayden, and I have all received our second doses. Amy will be at full strength tomorrow, I will be by the end of the week, and the boy will get there in less than two weeks.

There is a family gathering planned for the last weekend of the month and the masks will be off. Oh, and there will be hugs!

I went grocery shopping recently and I spotted a fellow shopper whose nose was out of their mask. I immediately started thinking to myself, “Sigh. What is wrong with these people? The nose is connected to the lungs! We breathe through our noses! Get that nose… GASP! I’M NOT WEARING MY MASK!”

Luckily, I had my mask in my pocket and I put it right on.

The CDC has given new guidance on masks in light of the vaccination roll-out: Americans who are fully vaxxed can ditch the masks! Hurray!

But, what’s to stop the anti-vaxxers from just claiming to be vaccinated and go out among us unmasked?

The Photo That Freaked Out The Internet

Source: New York Times

No, the Bidens aren’t giants. No, the Carters, although they have gotten smaller due to aging, aren’t elves. And, no, this isn’t a scene from a David Lynch film.

It’s a lovely, if odd looking, photograph of the current First Couple (yes, he won by 7 million votes!) visiting America’s oldest living former First Couple.

It’s a sweet moment and an example of how the camera can lie. Read on…

A Dimland Radio Science Hero: Mick West

Mick West is a skeptic who uses his particular set of skills to explain strange photographic phenomena. Recent military releases of UFO videos (here and here) were given more likely explanations than space aliens by Mick. And when that picture of the Bidens with the Carters hit social media, Mick was able to demonstrate why the image looks so odd.

Hint: It’s the wide angle lens!

No, Mick West does not have a giant twin brother.

Mick West has a website called Metabunk. It’s a great source for more likely explanations of various odd occurrences.

For his work in explaining the “unexplainable”, Mick West is a Dimland Radio Science Hero.

A Cool Thing: David Letterman, Bob Costas, And Later

In my recent obsession of rewatching as much of Late Night with David Letterman clips that I can find on YouTube, I discovered this intriguing Letterman moment. It’s an interview he gave to Bob Costas for NBC’s late night interview show Later.

Ditch the cigars, Dave. They’re bad for you. Mark my words.

What makes this find particularly intriguing is that it gives us the raw video of the entire interview. We get to see two camera angles simultaneously, the camera and sound continue as they break for commercials, make-up people and a producer walk in during the breaks, and we get a little break time conversation (what there is of it) between Bob and Dave.

During one break, Dave volunteers to talk about the feud he had with Bryant Gumbel of the Today Show.

It’s very cool!

Phone Scam!

Our supervisor at work asked me what to do about an upsetting phone call he received. The caller claimed our supervisor had hit the person’s parked car and left his phone number, so the caller was contacting him to arrange dealing with the damage.

Our supervisor had no idea what the caller was talking about. He hadn’t hit a car let alone left a note with his number. The caller became irate, demanding the situation be remedied.

Turns out the call is a scam to illicit information from the unsuspecting victim.

It’s Not True: Officer Sicknick’s Cause Of Death

The news had reported US Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick had died from being hit in the head by a fire extinguisher during the attempted coup on January 6 by fanatical Trump supporters. You know, Insurrection Day or, as Republicans refer to it, a visit to the Capitol by some very fine people. The Party of Trump wants us to forget the attack happened.

Well, the news media got it wrong. And, subsequently, so did I. Officer Sicknick, although still considered to have died in the line of duty by his department, died of strokes caused by blood clotting in his brain stem.

The truth is important and I don’t want to be spreading misinformation on my show.

World At War, Trumpers, And Loyalty Oaths

I recently finished rewatching the excellent British TV documentary series World At War (1973). I blogged about the series in February, 2020.

However, this most recent time watching the series was different. It the aftermath of Insurrection Day, or as Dear Leader’s Party refers to it Let’s Just Forget It Happened Day, I’ll never be able to watch the series the same way again.

In the episode called Genocide: 1941-1945, we see new SS troopers being sworn in by Heinrich Himmler. The oath they took was to God, country, and Adolf Hitler. In America, we have never been required to take an oath to a person. Never to the President.

At rallies and on Insurrection Day, the Trumpers chanted, among other things, “Fight for Trump!” Not fight for America. Not fight for the Constitution. Not fight for freedom. Not fight for democracy. They wanted to fight for Trump. It was a kind of loyalty oath to the man.

I had watched World At World and those SS troops pledging their allegiance to Hitler believing that would never happen in America.

Well, it can.

Be patient. Wash your hands. Stay home. Stay safe. WEAR A MASK! Get vaccinated!

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