dimland radio 4-10-21 show notes

The Fault, Dear Listener, Is Not In Our Server…

At first, several weeks ago, the server was at fault, but the subsequent weeks in which the new Dimland Radio shows wouldn’t play…. was my fault.


I feel shame.

A Dimland Radio ARGH! Revisited

A while back, I forget when, I ARGHed about the common misspelling of the word whoa. That’s whoa as in “slow the horse” or “that’s awesome”. Lately, I’ve been seeing it spelled W-O-A-H. Which is wrong! And it seems from my limited observance to be a misspelling that afflicts younger people (under 35).

The first word on the page. Sigh.

I had talked about the misspelling in an issue of Marvel Comics’ Daredevil #296. It really bothered me, because I had learned how to spell “whoa” from comic books. And there it was “woah”.

I took a second look through that comic and I found that on the previous page the word whoa was spelled correctly!

Hey! That’s correct!

This means that the misspelling might just be a simple typo. Well, that’s how I choose to look at it. Ahhh. It’s just a typo. That’s better.

And just when I finished breathing that sigh of relief, I saw that Universal Parks & Resorts have launched a new ad campaign. And just take a look at that logo…

I just can’t win this battle.


It’s a losing battle, I know. But that is not how whoa is spelled.

It will be an accepted alternate spelling soon, if it isn’t already. It will be enshrined in Merriam-Webster and Oxford before long. That’s how language chances, I guess. I still don’t like it.

I’m not the only one who has noticed this problem.

Slur And Insult

This cartoon explains the difference between a profanity and a slur. I understand what the message the strip is trying to get across, but isn’t a slur the same as an insult?

Are asshole, shithead, fuckface, dipshit, etc. not slurs?

Merriam-Webster and Dictionary.com define slur, as a noun, to mean basically the same as insult. They don’t mention the definition that is given in the cartoon.

However, the Urban Dictionary does define slur as an insult aimed at someone based on their race, gender, sexual preference, etc.

In time, I’m sure those other dictionaries will expand the meaning of slur to match current usage.

I guess language does change and evolve over time, doesn’t it? And I can accept that.

But I will never accept woah! Never!

(By the way, WordPress’s spellcheck does not flag “woah” as being wrong. Sigh.)

A Dimland Radio Pedantic Moment: Made Up Words

In risk of causing a kind of mental whiplash in light of my previous topics on the show, I gave a lesson in pedantry by explaining how to respond when someone accuses you of using a made up word.

Listen with caution.

It’s Not True: Paul Is Dead

As conspiracy theories go this one is pretty mild and I’m not sure many people really ever believed it.

It goes like this:

Paul did have a moped accident in 1965, which chipped a tooth and left a scarred lip.

Paul McCartney was killed in a car accident in November, 1966 and was then replaced by the Beatles with a look-alike, sound-alike, sing-alike, musician-alike, songwrite-alike to fool the public and keep the money rolling in, all while dropping clues of his death. Sounds plausible.

This conspiracy theory is a good example of how people can look so intently at everything, having their hypothesis in mind (in this case, Paul being dead), looking for confirmation of their claim. They look so closely, they are able to make any oddity or anomaly fit. Paul’s holding that cigarette in his right hand! He’s left-handed! Paul’s the only Beatles facing away from the camera in that picture! John said the walrus was Paul! And he said he buried Paul! (In the song Strawberry Fields Forever, I mistakenly said it was in I Am The Walrus.)

There’s a whole slew of clues that Paul died in 1966. But they really don’t add up to being true.

Paul’s not dead.

Cool Things!

Sir Paul hoofin’ it with the gals.

And speaking of Paul McCartney, I thought I would talk about two songs from his 2007 album Memory Almost Full. Both songs are very catchy. The first is Ever Present Past, which I just recently stumbled upon. It has a good video in which Paul does some dancin’. There is also an interesting making of video about the making of the video for the song.


The other song is Dance Tonight. I had been familiar with that song for a while and listened to it quite often last year. The video features Mackenzie Crook as the delivery man and Natalie Portman as a sort of ghost. It’s a fun video and a great song.

Every House Should Have One

I teased on Facebook that I had sent away for a cool thing. People were excited to learn what it was. It better not have disappointed.

After all, every house should have a Satan!

Hail Satan!

Be patient. Wash your hands. Stay home. Stay safe. WEAR A MASK! Get vaccinated!

Dimland Radio opening theme song: Ram by The Yoleus

First ad break bumpers: Lyin’ Ass Bitch by Fishbone and A Pagan Place by The Waterboys

Second ad break bumpers: North Country Girl by Pete Townshend and Down In The Seine by The Style Council

Closing song: Angler’s Treble Hook by $5 Fiddle

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