dimland radio 10-10-20 show notes

I Was Wrong, But Things Are Turning Out Right

Tampa Bay moves on.

Last week I talked about the Houston Cheaters (Astros), who defeated the Minnesota Twins in the first round of this year’s playoff. They handed the hapless Twins their 17th and 18th playoff loss in a row. Gah! So frustrating.

The Hate Yankees do not move on.

During that talk, I mentioned the Cheaters would get their asses kicked in the next round. Well, the Cheaters proved me wrong. They beat the Oakland A’s in their best of five American League Division Series. Houston is now one series win away from making it to the World Series. Let’s hope the Tampa Bay Rays can crush the Cheaters’ hopes.

Tampa’s win also signifies something special. The Hated Yankees lost! YES! No 28th World Championship for the Evil Empire this year.

The Superspreading President And His COVID Hot Zone White House

Pres. Trump still has the COVID. If he was being tested negative, he would be telling us. He’d be touting it as vigorously as he touted his cognitive test in which he was able to identify a drawing of an elephant. “Very good, sir. Now can you spell your name?”

His little garden party for the hand maid he wants to put on the Supreme Court has been pinpointed as a major COVID spreading event. Everyone was tested before the event and they all tested negative for the virus, so no one wore masks or distanced themselves. This shows how testing can give false negatives, which must have happened, because many people in attendance got infected.

The Horrible People Are Upset

Part of what makes Fearless Leader such a horrible person is his ability to reveal the horribleness of others. To encourage it. To fan the flames of hatred. “Stand back and stand by.” “Liberate Michigan.”

Earl & Pattie Deplorable

Remember the laughter of his followers as he ridiculed Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign, when she took ill with pneumonia? Have you seen the two horrible people, members of the basket of deplorables, proudly wearing their Trump 2016 t-shirts? The shirts with the slogan, “Fuck your feelings.” Remember them?

Well, now the Trumpers are upset at the pleasure many Never Trumpers are taking in witnessing this horrible man and so many in his White House all being infected with the virus they decided to downplay.

Really? This upsets you? You feel it’s being mean? You feel it’s being uncaring? You feel it’s not showing the proper respect to out president?

I’ll just refer you to the slogan on those t-shirts.

Eddie Van Halen

UNSPECIFIED – CIRCA 1970: Photo of Van Halen Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

While I was never a big fan of the band Van Halen, I did like a few of their songs and I certainly understood the mastery Eddie had when it came to playing guitar. It just wasn’t the kind of music I was into.

The news of Eddie’s death came as a surprise to me. I was unaware he had been battling cancer. The news really did affect his fans as of course it would. Eddie Van Halen created a signature guitar sound and he had a far-reaching influence on the musicians who followed.

It happens to every generation. We lose our heroes and it reminds us that we are getting older.

Cool Thing: Is It A Dog Or A Clown?

It’s a dog, but because of pareidolia (finding patterns where there are no patterns) some people see a creepy clown face. Which do you see?

Really cool. And really creepy.

A Dimland Pedantic Moment: Westworld (1973)

I really like this movie. I loved it as a kid and we just picked up the Blu-Ray version. It looks so much better than the VHS copy I had. The picture is excellent and the plot holes are massive and plentiful.

I read the blog I wrote in 2015 listing some of those plot holes and I added a couple more.

Be patient. Wash your hands. Stay home. Stay safe. WEAR A MASK!

Dimland Radio opening theme song: Ram by The Yoleus

First ad break bumpers: Can’t Get There From Here by REM and Honeymoon Croon by Bauhaus

Second ad break bumpers: One Day In Your Life by 54-40 and Like It Or Not by Genesis

Closing song: Angler’s Treble Hook by $5 Fiddle

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