dimand radio 10-3-20 show notes

18 In A Row

For years I was convinced the Minnesota Twins suffered from “Pinstripe Fever,” a strange deep-seated fear of playing the Hated Yankees in the postseason. After all, the Twins’ first opponent in the playoffs have been the Evil Empire so many times now I’ve lost track. The last time the Twins got a win against the Bronx Bastards was in 2004. But, after this postseason in which the boys were once again swept right out, it looks as those the Twins’ problem isn’t the Pinstripes, it’s the playoffs.

That playoff win in 2004 was the last one the frustrating Twins would enjoy to this today. Since that win, the Twins have lost 18 playoff games in a row. EIGHTEEN!

That is not only a record in Major League Baseball, it is the longest playoff losing streak in all major professional sports in North America! And they set the record playing the Houston Cheaters who made it into the postseason despite having a losing record. Ugh!

A Dimland Radio Pedantic Moment: Which Lane?

Close enough for government work.

Driving home from work the other night, I spotted this Pedantic Moment. Look closely. Do you see the problem?

This Was Not The October Surprise I Expected

I had thought the pandemic might be our best chance of ridding America of the petulant man-child who has occupied the White House for nearly four years, but not this way.

Pres. Trump has been infected by what he had called a Democratic hoax, the China virus, “kung flu” (his words, not mine), or his downplayed version of the flu. He has it now. He has the COVID.

I will not gloat. But I understand the schadenfreude. And, with him recently downplaying that most of the COVID deaths are the elderly and those having preexisting health problems, I feel he should be reminded he is 74 years old and overweight.

I’m certain he will recover. He gets the world’s best medical care and he waited long enough to get it that medical science has gotten much better at treating the illness.

The Shitshow

Full disclosure: I did not watch the Presidential Debate as it happened last Tuesday night. I did watch clips and reaction pieces. I don’t think I would have enjoyed watching it in real time. My wife watched it and she was furious.

I talked about the moment many focused on in the aftermath: “Stand back and stand by.”

“Proud Boys, stand back and stand by.”

Fearless Leader was asked to condemn white supremacist groups and right wing militias and to tell them to stand down from added to the violence we’ve been seeing in this country. He asked moderator Chris Wallace to name a group. Vice President Joe Biden named the Proud Boys and the president told the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by.” Stand by? That doesn’t mean stand down. That’s not condemning them.

To be fair, as Trump’s sycophants pointed out, he has specifically condemned racist groups and called out the KKK and David Duke by rejecting their worldview. But one wonders why it was so difficult for him Tuesday.

The sycophants also pointed out that white supremacy might not be the Proud Boys’ raison d’etre and they might only be tenuously connected to white supremacy, but how did they react by being named as a racist hate group? Were they insulted? Did they protest their innocence? “How dare Sleepy Joe call us white supremacists!”

Nope. The Proud Boys took great pride at getting a presidential shout out and they are standing by.

Quacks like a duck…

Cool Thing: Bob Mould Is Angry Again

Legendary singer/songwriter/musician Bob Mould who had been a member of the equally legendary band Husker Du has released a new album. One song, American Crisis, hearkens back to those Husker Du days. Bob is angry about the state of America today.

Really cool.

Cool Thing: This Shirt And What It Represents

This shirt (well, one very much like it) was purchased by me the first time I saw The Who in concert – 38 years ago. It was October 2, 1982. It changed my life. The concert, not the shirt.

It’s a cool thing, but, damn! I’m old.

Be patient. Wash your hands. Stay home. Stay safe. WEAR A MASK!

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