dimland radio 9-19-20 show notes

Ruth Bader Ginsburg And Republican Hypocrisy

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Shortly before I started recording the show, my wife gave me the news that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had died.

Almost immediately after the world learned of her death, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that the Republicans were ready to rubber stamp any nominee Pres. Trump sends them. Right now. No waiting. Let’s get Ivanka on the highest court in the land. STAT!

Hang on. It’s an election year. Shouldn’t the American people have a voice in this process? Shouldn’t we waiting until after the election? Isn’t that the reason McConnell gave in 2016 when he refused to allow the Senate to confirm Pres. Obama’s nominee to replace Justice Antonin Scalia? What changed in four years?

Oh, right. Democrat president then, Republican president now. Fucking hypocrite.

A New Homeowner

My younger brother Steve has become a homeowner and last Saturday I helped him move into his new abode. That was the reason there was no new show last week. Too much going on and the show had to take the backseat.

Congratulations, Steve!

A Couple More Baseball Items

I did a quick follow-up on my baseball and the slippery slope talk from the last show. I talked about watching another game with the announcers talking to a player while he was playing. The game interrupted the conversation and the player had to field the ball and attempt to throw out a runner. The runner was safe by half a step. Did the intrusion slow the mic’d up player? Would he have made the play if he had been allowed to concentrate on his job?

That’s not me.

I also talked about getting quite the ribbing when I admitted that I never learned how to catch a ball with a baseball glove. It isn’t the same as catching with a bare hand. You have to learn how to use a glove and I never did.

However, out of all that ribbing I received from my (ahem) friends, several of them have threatened… er… I mean offered to teach me how to use a glove. That’s cool.

Sometimes We Do Need Algebra After High School

It only took fifteen years, but I finally finished a model I had been working on and set aside in 2005. The model is of Marvel Comics’ not so jolly green giant the Hulk.

A splash page too small.

In 2003, the kit was released. It is a reissue of a couple earlier kits, the original from 1966 and the other from 1974. I had the 1974 kit when I was a kid. That kit came with a mini comic book that had a splash page intended to be the backdrop for the model once completed. I have since lost the model, but I still have the comic.

My intention with the 2003 kit, which didn’t come with the comic, was to get the model together and use the color copy I made of that splash page. But, the page was too small. The 2003 released was at 1/8th scale, while the two earlier models were at 1/12th scale. I would need to do algebra. I was good at it in school, but in the intervening 92 years I have forgotten it all.

So I turned to Facebook and asked for assistance. And I got it! Kind of a big deal in skepticism Mick West was the first to provide the answer I needed. That’s cool!

Life On Venus! Life On Venus! Life On… Well, Hold On There

The news broke that scientists have found phosphine, a chemical that could be produced by microbes, in the atmosphere of Venus. This does not necessarily mean there is life on Venus. It means there could be, but more work needs to be done.

To ascertain whether lifeforms are responsible for the phosphine or if it is some geologic (non-life) process, probes will need to be sent to our cloudy neighbor to take samples of the atmosphere. So, settle down. There may be life there, but more science needs to be done.

Still, it’s pretty cool.

So Cool It Brings A Tear To My Eye

Prince’s solo in a live all-star performance tribute to George Harrison of While My Guitar Gently Weeps is one of the coolest things ever.

Is There Time To Impeach Him Again?

He knew the pandemic was going to be seriously dangerous. He played it down. Now nearly 200,000 Americans are dead.

What is that building before him?

He gave his acceptance speech at the end of the Republican National Convention on the White House grounds. Doesn’t that violate campaign rules? There were other things done during the RNC the may have crossed the line of legality.

He suggested his sycophantic followers test the system and attempt to vote twice. Voting twice is illegal. (I had thought he made the suggestion at one of his Covid spreading rallies. I was wrong. He was speaking to a reporter.)

Come on! Let’s impeach him again!

The Real Cool Thing The Who’s The Real Me

John Entwistle

Sure, The Who song The Real Me is a cool thing all on its own, but I noticed something recently that I had never noticed in the many, many times I’ve listened to the song. The Real Me has no lead guitar. It has Pete Townshend doing his crashing power chords, but he doesn’t play any lead guitar parts during the song. John Entwistle’s bass takes the lead parts.

It is so cool!

Be patient. Wash your hands. Stay home. WEAR A MASK! Stay safe.

Dimland Radio opening theme song: Ram by The Yoleus

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Closing song: Angler’s Treble Hook by $5 Fiddle

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