dimland radio 9-5-20 show notes

Can’t Pretend That Growing Older Never Hurts Part Four

Mom is fine. More or less. I mean, she is 83 years old. How good can she be?

Tales From The Janitor’s Closet

Now, I realize that most people think of janitorial work as interesting and rewarding work that is all sweetness, light, and smells of roses. Well, Tales From The Janitor’s Closet gives me a chance to draw back the curtain and show my listener that janitorial work may be great but it does have its drawbacks.

As of this writing it has been four days since I last had to clean poop off the carpet at one of the properties I clean. Before that it had been four years or so.

I know the story is pretty gross. Especially since I told of the two times in my 31 years of janitorial work in which I had to deal with shit. Literally. First time it was human generated, this most recent time it came from a dog.

Sorry to break it to you, kids, but being a janitor isn’t always as glamorous a job as everyone thinks. But, hey! At least the pay sucks!

A Dimland Radio ARGH! Baseball And The Slippery Slope

“Sure, I’ll talk to you. Who needs to concentrate on the game? It’s only my job. Besides I get to be on the TV.”

Originally and for many, many years of televised coverage of baseball limited viewers’ access to managers, coaches, and players to before and after game interviews.

The networks that carry baseball began to think, “How can we get even more coverage? How deeply can we get into the game? How can we piss off baseball fans like Jim Fitzsimons?”

Thus began the slippery slope. I know slippery slope is a logical fallacy, but sometimes I think we really be on that slick incline.

First it was before/after game interviews, then a reporter in the stands to get info from the dugouts, then they mic’d up players to eavesdrop for “sounds of the game,” then interviews with managers between innings, then interviews during the game with pitchers who weren’t playing that day, then interviews with managers during the game, then mic’ing up and giving an ear piece to a player to talk to him while he’s playing in an All-Star Game, and now doing that in a regular season game.

Where will it end?!

I don’t need that much coverage and I resent that the announcers are making themselves part of the game.

MLB! Please, put a stop to this!

A Dimland Pedantic Moment: Is White A Color?

A discussion started on my Facebook page on whether or not white is a color. It could be consider all the colors (as in light) or the absence of color (as in pigment).

I settle the question this way:

Isn’t that a white crayon I see there? Huh!

Is a white crayon included in Crayola’s 64 crayon set? Yes? Are there 65 crayons in the box? No? Well, then white is a color. If it’s good enough for Crayola, it’s god enough for me.

The same argument can be made to those who same black isn’t a color.

Stealing Geo’s Thunder

George Hrab is a musician who does an excellent podcast called The Geologic Podcast. On a recent episode (I’m stealing some of his thunder here) he did a comparison between musical legends Don Henley and Phil Collins. Henley jealously guards his copyrighted material. Collins is less protective.

Henley does not allow unauthorized usage of his songs on YouTube. Collins does as long as that usage isn’t monetized.

That moment you hear the drum break on ‘In The Air Tonight’ for the first time.

On YouTube there are lots of reaction videos. Usually this videos are of younger people discovering classic songs for the first time. George talked about one particular reaction video by two young fellows, twin brothers Fred and Tim Williams, hearing Collins’ In The Air Tonight for the first time. The kids loved the song and their reaction video received millions of views.

And the 39 year-old song became a hit again in the aftermath of the reaction video.

Take that Don Henley!

Correction: On the show I said the brothers were teenagers. I’m getting old, because 22 year-olds are looking like teenagers to me.

Be patient. Wash your hands. Stay home. WEAR A MASK! Stay safe.

Dimland Radio opening theme song: Ram by The Yoleus

First ad break bumpers: Hip Swingin’ by Naked Raygun and Entre Nous by Rush

Second ad break bumpers: Real World by Husker Du and Brilliant Blues by Pete Townshend

Closing song: Angler’s Treble Hook by $5 Fiddle

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