dimand radio 4-14-18 show notes

Mom: No Update This Week Mom is OK.   I guess that is an update. Oh, well. I Made It Through That Top Ten List After a little talk about a show that used to be on Z Talk Radio (it still cycles through the autoplay when no scheduled show is on), whose host believedContinue reading “dimand radio 4-14-18 show notes”

concert memoirs pt. 8 – husker du, u2 & husker du

Husker Du w/Laughing Stock 1/30/85 First Avenue w/John Ticket Price: Unknown This was the first of five times that John and I would see this band. We were still not quite ready to join the slam dancing, so we stayed toward the back to observe the craziness. I don’t think it was as violent asContinue reading “concert memoirs pt. 8 – husker du, u2 & husker du”