dimland radio 7-7-18 show notes

Driving A Deathtrap   This is the passenger side.       This is the driver’s side.   The pictures show just how rusted out a couple pretty important parts of our van’s suspension system are. I took in it for an oil change and brought it home to junk it. Yikes! Iffy Sponsors OfContinue reading “dimland radio 7-7-18 show notes”

i have abandoned the sunken pirate ship

A pirate ship, no longer. First off, I have to admit that some part of the reason for my dropping the Adam Carolla Podcast from my podcast listening may have to do with my own feelings of underachievement, but I’ll touch on that later. Adam Carolla is funny. He’s got a sharp, quick wit. HeContinue reading “i have abandoned the sunken pirate ship”

dimland radio 9-26-15 show notes

A Co-host? Yes, as my wife was out Friday night (when I usually record the show) my son, Hayden, graciously agreed to stay up and record the show with good ole Dad.   We started with a brief discussion of the big supermoon eclipse. Hayden seemed interested, but not overly so. iTunes Sucks I updatedContinue reading “dimland radio 9-26-15 show notes”