dimland radio 9-7-13 show notesBe

Because of some family issues taking up my time and ability to devote attention to putting together another stellar show, I opted to replay part one of my interview with George Hrab (originally aired 1/15/11).  If I can get it together, do a new show next week.  If I can’ maybe I’ll play part two.Continue reading “dimland radio 9-7-13 show notesBe”

dimland radio 1-15-11 show notes

A Guest! George Hrab The multi-talented George Hrab My excitement was undeniable as I greeted my listeners, because I was going to play part one of my two part interview with musician/singer/songwriter/podcaster/raconteur/atheist/skeptic: George Hrab. But First A Little Tale About Pink Eye Pink eye ain’t no fun! But before I got rolling with the interview,Continue reading “dimland radio 1-15-11 show notes”