dimland radio 9-24-16 show notes

Correction. Yes, Again! I had to correct some bad info I had received and that I imparted on the previous show. Despite what I stated about Jim Jones, the wacky cult leader, he did NOT drink the Kool-Aid. He did not poison himself as the more than 900 of his followers did in November 1978.Continue reading “dimland radio 9-24-16 show notes”

dimland radio 9-17-16 show notes

Correction! I started off by correcting an error I made on last week’s show. I had credited Phyllis Schlafley with writing the book Useful Idiots. She did not write that book. It was written by another conservative named Mona Charen.   Whoops. My mistake. Veruca Salt Said What? I next talked about a mishearing ofContinue reading “dimland radio 9-17-16 show notes”