dimland radio 4-27-19 show notes

A Friend Of Z Talk And Dimland Radio Has Been Lost He was known as Homey in the chat room at Z Talk Radio. He was a semi-regular visitor going way back. Homey was dropping by less frequently in recent years, but when he did pop into chat he was always a welcome sight. HisContinue reading “dimland radio 4-27-19 show notes”

dimland radio 12-17-16 show notes

Dimland Radio Science Zero: Anthony Scaramucci Not only did I give this fellow Science Zero status and made a bad joke about his name, I kept getting the pronunciation of his last name goofed up. Sorry. Also, his being named a Science Zero got more complicated than when I first decided to give him theContinue reading “dimland radio 12-17-16 show notes”

dimland radio 3-24-12 show notes

Even Me Yep, even your humble host, Mr. Skeptic, can get caught by a scammer. I told two stories of encounters I’ve had with scammers. One much more recent, in which I don’t really do any damage. The another tale took place many years ago and I was out a few bucks, but learned aContinue reading “dimland radio 3-24-12 show notes”

today’s most vital issue

Hey, Kids! I’m sure you’ve all heard about the 7/7/07 worldwide concert event, Live Earth. I just wanted to remind you how vitally important this event is. Live Earth is addressing THE issue of our times! Yes, Live Earth will awaken the world to the fact the it is vital that the United States ELECTContinue reading “today’s most vital issue”