dimland radio 2-8-14 show notes

An Announcement Nothing so dramatic, but Loud City will be shutting down. Z Talk Radio had worked with Loud City to distribute our shows. Our shows will go on (goon?), but our ability to play music shows will be going away. We can still play independent artists who aren’t signed to a major label.  Continue reading “dimland radio 2-8-14 show notes”

dimland radio 7-28-12 show notes

So Painful Not having been able to get myself to listen to the epic Gish Galloping I received from fellow Z Talker, Kale Kelly, guess what show was playing when I got to the chat room.  Yep, a replay of Kale overwhelming me with his “documented facts.”  Oh, brother it was painful.  Trust me, KaleContinue reading “dimland radio 7-28-12 show notes”

dimland radio 1-21-12 show notes

Show Notes Notice Those of you who have paid close attention to my show notes know that I post pictures, often times with clever captions, along with most of the items that appeared on the show. Well, with all this SOPA and PIPPI Longstocking Congressional bills in the news lately, I’ve begun to think IContinue reading “dimland radio 1-21-12 show notes”

dimland radio 9-17-11 show notes

RIP Eleanor Mondale Eleanor Mondale Poling 1960-2011 I broke the news on Z Talk Radio of the death of Eleanor Mondale Poling, daughter of former Vice-president Walter Mondale. She succumbed after a long battle with brain cancer September 17, 2011. I told a couple stories of my brushes (very tangential) with Eleanor. Read more here.Continue reading “dimland radio 9-17-11 show notes”