dimland radio 7-22-17 show notes

A Little More About Amelia Earhart Last week I mentioned a Ric Gillespie being connected to the whole Earhart survived her last flight theorizing. He is. However, he’s not pushing the idea that she and her navigator were taken prisoner by the Japanese military. His idea is more romantic.   For more skeptical takes onContinue reading “dimland radio 7-22-17 show notes”

dimland radio 6-2-12 show notes

Ethan Brown Reading Area Some time back was an event organized by young math wiz Ethan Brown to raise funds for his local library.  The event was a success and Ethan was honored by the library. Comic Book News Sales of the paper copies of comic books are way up.  And gay characters are comingContinue reading “dimland radio 6-2-12 show notes”