dimland radio 11-27-10 show notes

A rocky start because of server issues, but I did get underway. Winter Solstice Tree Not our tree, ours looks better. I know this may sound odd coming from an atheist such as myself, but my son and I put up our winter solstice tree (Christmas if you insist). Believe it or don’t, we doContinue reading “dimland radio 11-27-10 show notes”

concert memoirs pt. 43 – the guess who & don williams

The Guess Who at the Cabooze with John, some other high school friends and lots of beer. How embarrassing this night was. It’s the only concert at which I’ve ever been so drunk. After this night, John took to referring to The Guess Who as my favorite band. It isn’t, but I sure acted thatContinue reading “concert memoirs pt. 43 – the guess who & don williams”