dimland radio 5-21-16 show notes

Why I Like Flip Phones Yes, flip phone are passe. My wife has let me know that. But the cell phone service I use, a pay as you go thing, has sent me a free phone. It’s a flip phone which is so 2006.   I like it! It’s like the phones in The Wire.Continue reading “dimland radio 5-21-16 show notes”

dimland radio 10-3-15 show notes

Once Again.. Yes, another senseless mass shooting. Another round of outrage and calls for and against gun control. Another round of calls for improved mental healthcare. And another round of me saying I don’t know the answer.   I do know we ain’t goin’ to hell in a hand-basket. Since World War II, the worldContinue reading “dimland radio 10-3-15 show notes”

dimland radio 8-29-15 show notes

One Of The Weird Things I Do… One of these might just be hidden somewhere near you. Since I was a kid I found I liked hiding toy soldiers in places. Places that had some permanence to them. Such as in the foundation wall of a local library, under a walk path in a nearbyContinue reading “dimland radio 8-29-15 show notes”

dimland radio 3-1-14 show notes

An Update My wife was finally able to get her dad to the doctor. Yay! McDonalds Ads, Auto-tune, Pop Music, & Retirement I kind of went off on tangents when discussing a couple recent TV ads for McDonalds. One shows pop auto-tuned singer Austin Mahone (I’d never heard of him before either) auto-tuned singing hisContinue reading “dimland radio 3-1-14 show notes”