dimland radio 9-19-15 show notes of the show that didn’t air

Server Issues, I Think The server was down when I went in to make sure my show would air. I got it going again, but it didn’t want to play my show for September 19th. It did, however, want to play an older show of mine. So, show 242 didn’t air, but it is availableContinue reading “dimland radio 9-19-15 show notes of the show that didn’t air”

dimland radio 9-12-15 show notes

Report To Court Just before I sat down to record this show, I found something pretty scammy in my email. It was a notice from “State Court” that I appear. The English was a bit awkward and there was no indication as to which court I needed to appear before nor was there any reasonContinue reading “dimland radio 9-12-15 show notes”