a follow up on ABC’s beyond belief

Regarding ABC’s Primetime Nightline Special: Beyond Belief, aired last Wednesday night (8-17-11): The last report on that special featured reporter David Wright’s encounter with two “psychic” mommies, Alison DuBois and Rebecca Rosen. Each “psychic” did a reading for Mr. Wright who claimed he was “naturally and professionally skeptical.” His skepticism quickly disappeared when Rebecca RosenContinue reading “a follow up on ABC’s beyond belief”

dimland radio 8-20-11 show notes

Cold Side Employees Listen I start off mentioning that two former coworkers of mine listened in on my Friday night music special the night before. I talked about how cool it was they had stopped by. I also mentioned that many of the folks who worked at Cold Side were also in bands, so nextContinue reading “dimland radio 8-20-11 show notes”

regarding nightline’s beyond belief

I just watched ABC’s Primetime Nightline special, Beyond Belief. The special was about as close to a skeptical look at psychic ability as we skeptics could hope for. Would that be considered cynical? The special looked into psychic claims and they enlisted the help of the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF). That enlistment was promising,Continue reading “regarding nightline’s beyond belief”