dimland radio 8-4-18 show notes

Zero Plus 0.5   Last week, I named Penn Jillette a Dimland Radio Science Zero for giving a platform for some very dubious food and diet claims made by people whose scientific reputation isn’t great. I was disappointed to do it, but I felt he’d let down skepticism and critical thought.   Well, he responded.Continue reading “dimland radio 8-4-18 show notes”

dimland 3-11-17 show notes

Show Number 311 On 3/11  Relax numerologists and conspiracy theorists. There’s nothing mystical and there was no secret plan going on to make it so that the 311th show of Dimland Radio would fall on 3/11. Honestly, it’s just a coincidence. I mean it.   Oh, and iTunes (or wherever you get podcasts) subscribers, don’tContinue reading “dimland 3-11-17 show notes”