dimland radio 10-16-21 show notes

No, Virginia, The Hated Yankees Will Not Win The World Series This Year. Heh Heh Heh

Photo credit: AP

After vaguely explaining why a very stressful week at work had prevented me from doing a show last week, I discussed something much, much more pleasant.

The Hated Yankees have yet again fallen short in their pursuit of their 28th World Series Championship. They did make the postseason, which is something that cannot be said for my beloved MN Twins, and played a Wild Card Playoff game against their great rival the Boston Red Sox. And the Hated Ones lost.

Sure, they made it into the postseason, but for only that one game. So, they only played one more game than the Twins this season. And now they are watching the playoffs at home.

All is right with the baseball world.

Black Midi

That’s us!

This past Wednesday was Amy’s and my 20th Wedding Anniversary. 20 years married to each other. 20 long years.

Black Midi

Well, to celebrate Amy wanted to see one of those new bands, Black Midi, in concert at the Fine Line in Minneapolis. I’d never heard of them, but Amy really likes them and I really like Amy, so we made a date night out of it.


Black Midi and their opening act L’Rain are not exactly my cup of tea musically. However, I wasn’t going to ruin Amy’s night by acting the musical snub, which was something I was really good at back in the day. I decided to just take it all in and, although neither artist will be making my Spoitify playlist, I did enjoy myself.

And Amy has rekindled the concert-going bug. In March, we’ll be seeing TOOL. Oh, boy.

Brian Dunning

He came for the t-shirt and stayed for the beer.

World famous skeptic and podcaster Brian Dunning is on a whistle-stop tour of North America. He’s driving his Tesla across country, making stops all over the place, to talk to his fellow skeptics. And this past Wednesday (Amy’s and my Anniversary, remember?), Mr. Dunning paid a visit to an extra special extra Minnesota Skeptics meet-up.

His getting here was a close call, due to running into an early winter storm in Montana. He was able to make it, but about three hours late. Nevertheless, he had made it and those of us who were able to stick around had a very nice visit with Brian.

If you haven’t listened to Brian’s excellent podcast Skeptoid, you are really missing out. It’s excellent. Click here to listen to his most recent show.

Rant: The Shroud Of Turin Was Not Made By Magic

Likely a 14th Century artifact.

As a part of my talk about Brian Dunning, I went on a little side rant about the Shroud of Turin, the supposed burial shroud of Christ that miraculously holds the image of a dead guy. The dead guy is believed to be Jesus. Sigh.

This is something that sets skeptics apart from normal people. (Yes, I indicated skeptics aren’t normal.) Skeptics understand that the explanation for any strange, odd, usual occurrence is never magic. It is never magic! It’s never a deity, space aliens, psychic powers, bigfoot, or leprechauns. Never!

If magic was part of the scientific process the process would stop and we’d still be living in caves.

Coincidentally, Brian recent did a Skeptoid episode on the Shroud of Turin.

A Cool Thing: 41 Years Later And Still A Geek

I was inspired by a couple comic book collectors on Facebook. They reproduced photographs taken of themselves as kids holding comic books, only the reproduction was done at their present age. They tried to be as accurate as they could to their old pictures.

I decided to give it a try. There is a picture of me in my 1980-81 class yearbook, in which I am posing with a selection of my comic books and some related items. I was about 16 in the photo. I painstakingly attempted to be as accurate as possible in the reproduction, however a few items are missing in the updated image: The original art page, a Slurpee cup, and my hair helmet. Where did that hair helmet get to?

It turned out pretty cool.

Mask up! GET VACCINATED! And if you have been vaccinated, THANK YOU!

Dimland Radio opening theme song: Ram by The Yoleus

First ad break bumpers: Controversy by Prince and Cuts You Up by Peter Murphy

Second ad break bumpers: Cows by The Suburbs and Cloudbusting by Kate Bush

Closing song: Angler’s Treble Hook by $5 Fiddle

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