dimland radio 7-17-21 show notes

I’m The Asshole (But That Other Person Ain’t Great Either)

Not me, but close.

It’s that drive through lane at the McDonald’s again. Again, I followed the rules by using the drive through lane. Again, someone who pulled into the parking lot after me zipped right through the parking lot. Again, I was cut off. And, again, I grumbled about rule breakers.

Unlike last time, this customer appeared to run out of patience while waiting to get to the window at which customers pay. She drove off. I give other details on the show.

When I got back to the office, I succumbed to the lure of complaining on Facebook. And I doxxed her. I gave out her personalized license plate in my angry post. A post in which I called her an asshole.

However, a friend reminded me of the Principle of Charity. He pointed out that I had no idea what she was going through in her life at that moment, and he gave an example of someone we both know who has been going through a lot of stress lately.

Dang it! In posting her license plate, I was being an asshole. I removed the post.

In America, Covid Is Now The Disease Of The Unvaccinated

There is an interesting correlation in America right now: States that went for Joe Biden in the 2020 Election all have higher rates of their populations having received at least one dose of the Covid vaccine than states that went for Fearless Loser. And the greater Biden’s margin of victory, the higher the vaccination rates. It’s clear that most of the vaccine hesitancy is politically motivated.

There are other factors, I’m sure, but it’s clear the biggest factor is from whom people voted.

Biden had always taken the pandemic seriously and set the example of following the guidelines to prevent spreading the virus, including wearing a mask and getting vaccinated – publicly! And those who voted for him, for the most part, followed suit.

Trump, on the other hand, downplayed the pandemic all along, he gave false hopes in treatments that were known to not work, he ridiculed Biden as hiding in the basement and poked fun of his mask-wearing. The loser refused to take the pandemic seriously (remember, he got Covid) and set the example for his supporters. They took his “leadership” to heart.

To be fair, Fearless Loser did halfheartedly recommend people get the vaccine and he himself was vaccinated – in private. But, remember, he got Covid!

So, look at the two maps. In America, 99% of all cases of Covid, 99% of all hospitalizations due to Covid, and 99% of all Covid-rated deaths are happening among the unvaccinated. In America, Covid is now the disease of the unvaccinated. Covid is preventable. Get vaccinated!

Click here for the Mayo Clinics America’s vaccination status numbers.

Lauren Boebert Grew Up On Welfare

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R – Colorado) is one of that new lot of Republican congress members who fear-mongered their way into office. “The immigrants are coming to take your guns and abort your babies with their socialism and vaccines!” (I think that was her campaign slogan.)

From what I can find, this is real. She’s really that clueless.

She gave a speech at a recent conservative complain-athon. As she dance-strutted back and forth on the stage, she declared that Americans don’t want that socialism and they don’t want the “Fauci ouchie”. She had forgotten that she had tweeted in September 2020 about coming “up from welfare” and “standing in line waiting for government cheese.”

Welfare? Government cheese? Sounds like socialism to me.

Well, she isn’t exactly the sharpest boat on the tree. And, she’s probably not vaccinated.

And, is it me, or does she look a little bit like actress Margaret Hamilton, the Wicked Witch in the Wizard Of Oz?

Well, maybe it’s just me.

Hey, Baseball! Get Vaccinated!

Aaron Judge: Spreading the Covid?

Those damn Yankees!

Baseball has just had their All-Star Break. The break comes just past the halfway mark of the season. And ESPN was all geared up to play the big game to mark the start of the second half of the 2021 season. They were scheduled to televise the Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees game Thursday night. It was the only game to be played that day, the rest of the league would restart the season on Friday.

I sat down, tuned in the game, and… no game. ESPN was replaying Monday’s Homerun Derby.

Why no game? Well, it was postponed. I immediately thought it was bad weather, but, nope, it was Covid.

Six of the Hated Yankee players tested positive for Covid! Including their big star player Aaron Judge.

Judge had participated in the All-Star Game. Who knows who him might have infected. Because, you see, not all of the ball players are getting vaccinated. What the fuck!

I can’t just hate the Yankees on this either. Alex Cora, manager of the Red Sox, has acknowledged that some of his players are not vaccinated. I’m sure that goes for the rest of the league. I know of a player on the Twins team who refuses to get the shot.

What is it going to take to convince these people? Will they need a superstar player, Aaron Judge perhaps, to die before they are convinced they need the shot?

And I’m not going to practice the Principle of Charity with the unvaxxed ballplayers. They are athletes. This is their job. It’s such an easy step to take.

Again! In America, Covid is now a disease of the unvaccinated!


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