dimland radio 4-24-21 show notes

Adding To The Grey Hair

I have often said that I would prefer a job in which I just had to concentrate on my tasks and not worry about other people’s work. I would prefer not to be a manager. So what do I do for my main job? I’m a manager. Sigh.

It had been a busy week in which I had to work every night, which I do not like, but I was needed so…

Adding to the workload was an employee who had been off for a few days. She thought it would be helpful to leave her keys in her building, but she didn’t tell me that was her plan. When she returned, we had to get a key to her so she could access her building.

That was managed, but then later that night she told us she couldn’t find her key where she had left it…

Oh, look. More grey hair.

More On The Johnson & Johnson Pause

Rebecca Watson

I had pretty much come around to the idea that the FDA and CDC recommending that the Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine distribution be paused to look into the very rare cases of blood clots was a necessary and understandable precaution. One of the Minnesota Skeptics, a pharmacist, explained it well enough for me to back off of my original thinking of it as an overreaction.

Skeptic Rebecca Watson also weighed in on the pause and she goes into more depth in explaining the prudence of the pause. Watch Rebecca’s video on the topic here.

More On Bigfoot Again

Last week I talked about the famous bigfoot film by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin. I talked about it being still the best bit of photographic evidence for the world-renown if not found cryptid. And when I say best, I mean it’s still pretty lousy. The film is inconclusive at best.

Well, an argument I discussed was that even though virtually everyone has a camera on them at all times, it is still difficult to catch those “capture the moment” incidences, because by the time you get the camera ready the moment is gone.

True enough, but I had an opportunity to capture an image of an event. I had to dig into my pocket, get my phone to the camera mode, get the camera set to landscape, and snap the pic. I was able to capture…

What? Were you expecting Bigfoot?

A Podcast Recommendation

It’s called Strange By Nature. It’s a science podcast hosted by three naturalists who each tell of some strange, sometimes frightening or disgusting, but always fascinating thing found in the natural world. I think the hosts are a great mix and the information they give is fascinating and the podcast is a lot of fun.

Check it out!

Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

Photo credit: Amr Alfiky/The New York Times

It turns out a cop can be convicted of murder by a jury having watched video of said cop kneeling on a man’s neck for nearly nine and a half minutes. This is not the end of the fight for justice in America for people of color. It’s step. A step in the right direction toward a just and free society for all, which is still a long way away.

I breathed a sigh of relief as the three guilty verdicts were read. George Floyd is gone. He will not and should not be forgotten. There is still so much work left to be done.


Oh Please!

The preview image has enough to show this is phony.

This bullshit video popped up on my Facebook. It is completely unbelievable. Only the most gullible among us could think this is not a complete setup with the people involved being actors playing the roles of a military man and his wife in a surprise reuniting.

Let’s just look at the screen capture (left). How many things are wrong about this Airman First Class? Let’s see. The facial hair is not military. His hair is way too long. The black t-shirt is not right. The boots are wrong. And the cap might also be wrong. (Thanks to my high school friend who just retired from the military and helped me with identifying the problems with the uniform.)

There are plenty of other questionable elements to this video. The wife never acknowledges there is a person standing in front of her taking video of her. Her bag is in the perfect “come steal me” position. And as she chases the thief, a chase that lasts way too long, she slows down when he does and speeds up when he speeds up.

The people who made this phony reunion video barely put any effort into their fakery for clicks and views.


A Dimland Radio Pedantic Moment: iPhone 12 Ad

The iPhone 12 has a ceramic shield for its screen, which makes it resistant to breaks or cracks. Great. But the ad, called Fumble, cheats.

We witness a young woman walking and talking on her iPhone 12 when she begins to fumble with it. It had slipped from her hand and she is desperately trying to catch it before it hits the ground. She fears the screen will be damaged.

So, she fumbles with it as the phone makes its way to the ground. She can’t stop it from happening and it lands screen down. Surely, the screen is toast. She picks it up. Thanks to the ceramic screen, the phone is fine. Yay!

The thing is…

She’s walking on paving stones.

She’s walking on a sidewalk made with paving stones. Brick hard paving stones. But where does the phone land? On dirt. Soft, loosely packed dirt.

The phone lands on dirt. Interesting.

Hmmm. Why land on dirt and not the paving stones? For the kicking up dust effect? So that the phone doesn’t bounce? Or was it to help insure the screen wouldn’t break?

I think iPhone is cheating here.

Cool Thing #1

My favorite band, The Who, have re-issued their third studio album The Who Sell Out from 1967. It is loaded with all sorts of features, bells, and whistles. This super deluxe re-issue is priced out at just about $120.00. It’s a little out of my reach.

What isn’t out of reach is the new documentary about the album which dropped on YouTube to coincide with the re-release.

The album is very cool and so is the documentary.

Cool Thing #2

NASA, with all their science, has put a helicopter on Mars! And it worked. The helicopter called Ingenuity flew!

Photo credit: NASA

This is no small feat. Ingenuity had to be designed to fly in the very thin atmosphere on out red neighbor. But apply some science and NASA was able to take flight on another world. It has been a mere 118 years since the Wright Brothers’ flight at Kitty Hawk, NC!

In fact, a small piece of fabric from the Wright’s flying machine is inside Ingenuity. How cool is that?!

Cool Thing #3

My son Hayden has received his first dose of the Pfizer vaccine! Take that Covid!

Be patient. Wash your hands. Stay home. Stay safe. WEAR A MASK! Get vaccinated!

Dimland Radio opening theme song: Ram by The Yoleus

First ad break bumpers: Rescue by Echo & The Bunnymen and Eight Miles High by Husker Du

Second ad break bumpers: Anywhere’s Better Than Here by The Replacements and Let’s Go Down To The Woods by The Screaming Blue Messiahs

Closing song: Angler’s Treble Hook by $5 Fiddle

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