dimland radio 1-16-21 show notes

My Prediction From 2019 Didn’t Come True, Thankfully

Way back in December of 2019 I predicted that Pres. Trump would be the only American president to be impeached, acquitted, and re-elected. Turns out I was wrong. Phew!

Yes, he was impeached (he had been at the time I made the prediction) and he was later acquitted by the Republican-controlled Senate, who had thought Fearless Loser had learned his listen. (Scoff). I was wrong about him being re-elected. That’s the one silver lining of the pandemic.

Had he shown even half-assed competency in his handling of the pandemic….

Well, he is the man-child he is, so of course he fucked it up.

Even though I had called for it several times throughout 2020, I had not predicted he would have been impeached a second time. As we all know now, he has been impeached a second time. So much winning! And, yes, we can’t stand it.

On last week’s show I talked about the reason for his impeachment. Fearless Loser had spent months setting up his eventual loss as being due to fraud. And when he did lose he and his enablers cried fraud, fraud, fraud and his conspiracy theorist followers believed him. And on January 6, some of the more rabid Trumpers stormed the US Capitol building.

Had he been able to accept the loss and concede to Joe Biden, the Trumpers would have slinked back into their holes and he would have avoided a second impeachment…

Well, he is the man-child is, so of course he fucked it up.

But Were His Actions Impeachable?

Of course, I think Fearless Loser’s actions on and leading up to January 6 are impeachable, but I’m not an expert. I’ll let YouTuber Legal Eagle make the case.

And Legal Eagle additionally points out that Trump’s attempt to strong arm Georgia’s secretary of state to “find” 11,780 votes can also be considered an impeachable offense.

Can we impeach him again, again?

And Then There’s These Dipshits

They drove past masses of soldiers and police and barricades all around Washington DC. They walked past National Guard troops stationed inside their workplace. All those troops and cops in place to protect against further attacks by delusional Trumpers.

They walked into the House chamber and argued against impeachment. They said, “What about antifa?” They cried witch hunt. They did whatever they could to convince themselves the president’s actions were not impeachable. They were the 197 Republicans who voted against impeachment.

Pathetically partisan. At least, ten Republicans could put the Constitution and the country before party.

And The QAnoners Continue Their Nuttery

The most recoganizable Trumper involved in the attack, the Grand Poohbah of the Royal Order of the Water Buffalo, the shirtless fellow in the horned fur helmet and painted face, the QAnon Shaman has been arrested and his mother begged that her boy be fed organic food otherwise he would get physically sick. Oh, no. We can’t have him getting sick.

There are conflicting reports as to whether or not he has been granted his request for organic food.

Censored? That is a microphone you are speaking into on live television, isn’t it? What a dumbass.

And then there’s Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. She’s just been elected as a US Representative of Georgia, and she’s a QAnon supporter. Her first order of business after voting against the impeachment of the riot-inciter-in-chief is to introduce articles of impeachment against Joe Biden the day after he takes the oath of office. Attagirl! Feel the crazy flow through you!

A Dimland Radio Pedantic Moment: QI, 17 Year Olds, And American Prisons

In the video clip (here) of interesting facts about America, QI host Stephen Frye says there are more 17 year old black people in prison than in college. I don’t know how the education system goes in the UK where this show comes from, but in America most kids start college at 18 years of age.

Sure, there are some who start younger, but that’s a small percentage. I wonder if there are more 18 year old black people in prison than in college in America.

Still, the numbers he gives are shameful.

It’s Not True: Kamala Harris Quote

Something that is so predictable about social media, because it is a constant problem, is the sharing of supposed quotes from politicians. People continue to share meme that are pictures of famous people with a quote. And people just assume the memes are true.

Well, this one ain’t true.

Kamala Harris never said that.

And, in the interest of fairness, I ran through a list of claims about Fearless Loser that aren’t true. I’m sure some people will raise an eyebrow, but I calls ’em as I sees ’em.

The Bonus Army

One Trumper friend of mine tried to counter the claim that the US Capitol building hadn’t been attacked since 1814, as part of the War of 1812. He attempted an “Oh, yeah! what about 1932?” gotcha. However, the event to which he referred wasn’t an attack on the Capitol. It was a protest.

It was the Bonus Army. This “army” was made up of thousands of WW1 veterans who had been hard hit by the Great Depression. The American government had granted the veterans a “bonus” to be paid to them in 1945, however the veterans needed the money desperately in 1932. They went to Washington DC to protest to get that money immediately.

There was no storming of the Capitol. No Congressman was threatened with kidnapping or death. The only violence came when the government went to clear out the tent city the Bonus Army had built and occupied during their protest. Two were killed by police.

Learn more here and here.

Be patient. Wash your hands. Stay home. Stay safe. WEAR A MASK!

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