dimland radio 11-21-20 show notes

A Dimland Radio Pedantic Moment: Jeopardy’s 3 Way Tie For Last

It was sad news learning of Alex Trebek’s death, but it was also weirdly ironic that his death came just days after actor Sean Connery died. The two men are inextricably linked by a popular series of Saturday Night Live skits that parodied the long-running game show. Darrell Hammond’s Connery would bully with strong sexual overtones the ever-flustered Trebek, played by Will Ferrell. The skits are damn funny. Here’s a good one.

My friend Tim sent me a video clip of the time that three Jeopardy contestants ended the game tied at zero. It was pretty interesting, especially when you consider what they all got wrong in responding to the Final Jeopardy answer: “Calendar date with which the 20th century began.”

Here’s the clip.

The pedantry I would hope is obvious. And Jeopardy got it right!

And it has happened when all three contestants tied for first. Watch here.

The Clown Coup Attempt Or Trump’s War On Democracy

The election was stolen by Democrats’ cheating? Really? Cheating that didn’t lead to a majority in the Senate? (There are two run-off contests in Georgia that could give the Democrats a tie with Vice President-Elect Harris being the tie-breaker. We shall see.) Cheating that allowed the Republicans to gain seats in the House?

Democrats are lousy cheaters.

“By throwing out all the Biden votes in these states the greatest president in the history of the universe, nobody is better than him, will easily win! We have to stop the cheating Democrats! By the way, is it hot in here or am I crazy?”

Joe Biden received nearly six million more votes than Fearless Loser. The states are going to certify their election results and Biden will have 306 Electoral votes. Biden won. Fair and square.

Fearless Loser is still insisting if we only count the votes for him he wins in a landslide. Right.

He is losing in the courts, because his clownish dream team led by the apparently melting Rudy Giuliani cannot produce any evidence of wrong-doing. Publicly Rudy shouts, “Fraud! Fraud! Fraud!” but in court where he is bound by the rule of law he claims this is not a fraud case.

These clowns just traffic in conspiracy theories they claim are backed up by mountains of evidence. Evidence they never show anyone, especially in court. Well, they try to present affidavits in court as the evidence and the judges see right through them.

Ms. Tinfoil Hat 2020

And there was that press conference with the melting Rudy, at which Sidney Powell stepped up to claim the Dominion voting system rigged the election by electronically switching Trump votes to Biden votes. She provides no proof. And the Georgia recount by hand shows she is talking out her ass.

As coups go, this one is clownishly inept.

Fearless Loser tried to get Republican legislators from Michigan to select electors that would defy the will of the people and vote for him. Those legislators refused to be intimidated.

A Cool Thing: A Distant, Very Distant, Relative Found

Cheddar Man

This is a story from 1997, but I just learned of it and it’s still cool. The oldest complete skeleton ever found in Great Britain, the 9,000 year old “Cheddar Man” has a living relative. His name is Adrian Targett, a history teacher now in his mid-50s. DNA collected from one of Cheddar Man’s teeth was used to find his very distant, but still direct, descendant.

Science is so cool!

A Rant: Using Speaker Phone In Public

Have they no shame? No descency?

Well, this meme and Progressive Insurance both commenting on the bizarre practice of using speaker phone in public makes me feel certain I am not alone in my reaction. What is going on with these people?! Have they no sense of place? Why do they insist the people around them know their business?

In the last month, I have encountered five people using their speak phone option. One was walking his dog, three were in the grocery store, and one, an employee of Walgreens, was having a heated argument right there in the store, behind the counter in the photo center. What. The. Hell?

Just Wear A Mask!

Yours may not be as cool, but wear it anyway. OK?

Covid cases and deaths are on the rise again. In a big way. It’s truly alarming. Toilet paper is disappearing from the stores again. And Fearless Loser is more interested in stealing the election, then protecting Americans. The Loser’s top health advisor Dr. Scott Atlas is telling people to gather for Thanksgiving, because it might be the last time we’ll get to see grandma. During this pandemic, if people do visit grandma, they could spread the virus and kill her. So, Dr. Atlas would be right about it being the last time seeing grandma. What happened to “do no harm”? America first, my ass.

I read a lengthy response I wrote to a Facebook friend about masks. I may turn that response into a blog. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, here are some links about masks.

How masks work.

Myths about masks.

Less virus exposure, less severe illness.

Be patient. Wash your hands. Stay home. Stay safe. WEAR A MASK!

Dimland Radio opening theme song: Ram by The Yoleus

First ad break bumpers: Atom Tan by The Clash and It All DepeNds by Figures

Second ad break bumpers: Dodo/Lurker by Genesis and I Can’t Take It by Cheap Trick

Closing song: Angler’s Treble Hook by $5 Fiddle

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