dimland radio 11-7-20 show notes

A Very Tense Week

This show was recorded before the news of the Joe Biden/Kamala Harris victory. (I’ll tell that story next week.)

Tuesday’s election results were looking good for Pres. Trump on Election Day and that had your host worried, but the pundits were saying before the election that that would be how it would appear on the day. We would have to wait as the mail-in votes were counted. Counting those ballots would likely turn some red states blue.

And the country watched as those ballots were counted and swing states started turning blue.

Of course, Fearless Leader, true to form, did not take that well. He had been telling us he wouldn’t accept the results of the mail-in ballots for weeks before the election. He knew those votes would favor Biden. Do you think he would have been calling them illegal votes in his late night tantrum on Election Night if those ballots would have favored him?

Stephen Colbert’s reaction to Fearless Leader’s day after the election tantrum about legal (Trump) votes and illegal (Biden) votes and the impending litigation, which could go to the US Supreme Court, was better than anything I could have mustered. Watch it here.

Seth Meyers’ A Closer Look at the election counting brilliantly skewered the Trumpers’ mixed message of whether we should “count the vote” (Arizona) or “stop the count” (Michigan). There’s also this excellent A Closer Look segment.

Correction: On the show I stated there was a lawsuit in Pennsylvania that delayed the counting of the mail-in ballots until after the polls were closed. I was wrong. That delayed count was put in place by the Pennsylvania legislature.

This Map Is Misleading

A Facebook friend who is a Trumper shared this image with me.

I explained to my friend that, though the image showing almost all the counties (Alaska’s, Hawaii’s, and Puerto Rico’s are not included) of the 2016 election as very red, the map is misleading.

Simply put: Land does not vote.

Yes, the map is very red with a few tiny blue specks. And we all know that red represents the Republicans and blue is the Democrats. So, the red areas are where Trump prevailed in 2016, blue is where Hillary Clinton did best. The thing is, those tiny blue specks are high population areas. Millions and millions of people live in those tiny blue specks and they tend to vote Democrat.

This year’s election results by counties map will look very similar to 2016’s. And I’m sure Trumpers will be misled again.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton received 65,853,514 votes. Trump received 62,984,828. I think a mistake was made.

Oh! And, by the way, what’s a “mistake snowflake”?

Someone needs to learn how to use a comma.

Trump’s Woman In White

The Daily Show recently did a countdown of the top 100 scandals of Pres. Trump. At number two is Trump’s pandemic response or lack thereof. At the 23:20 mark of the video, look for the attractive woman in white standing behind Fearless Leader. He turns to receive the adoration of his Trumpers and she has quite a reaction.

“Psst! Mr. President. I think that woman will let you grab her by the…”

A Dimland Radio Promise

Pres. Trump has a special talent of ALWAYS being in the news. He is constantly digging his way into our daily lives. His constant presence has just been grinding us down. Yes, it was an election year and there’s a pandemic, so he’s been more of an irritant, but still.

The promise?

If Fearless Leader should be successful in his bid to steal the election (not very likely) and retains his office, I promise to do my best to minimize the amount of time I spend talking about him. You don’t need me adding to the grind.

However, I don’t think it will be a problem after January 20, 2021.

A Disappointing Halloween

In 2018, we had 121 trick-or-treaters come to the house. In 2019, it dropped to 61. This year was even lower. Sigh. Damn pandemic!

Thanks, Fearless Leader.

A Cool Thing #1: Minnesota State University, Mankato

There was no show last week because my wife and I took our son down to Mankato to visit the university he would like to attend. They had an open house and a tour. They did their best to keep visitors safe during the pandemic as they told us about the school and campus life. I must say I’m more than a little envious of the boy.

My sister and her husband both teach there and they took us out to dinner on Friday night. It was the first time my wife and I have been to a sit down restaurant since the pandemic took hold. I have to admit that I am feeling a little nervous about possible exposure to my family and me. My sister did say, and she was correct, the restaurant was being very careful to keep customers safe.

And the coolest thing is on Wednesday we received word that Hayden had been accepted! He’s a Maverick now!

A Cool Thing #2: Amazing Randi Amazes

Two weeks ago, I talked about James Randi, who had just died. Check out that week’s show to hear my tribute to him.

This past week, I watched a YouTube video of Randi giving a talk about how a “psychic” had fooled scientists with a trick using a simple matchbox. Randi’s reveal of the trick is humorously done, which is cool. However, right at the end of the video, Randi does a little sleight of hand trick that surprised and delighted me.

Be patient. Wash your hands. Stay home. Stay safe. WEAR A MASK!

Dimland Radio opening theme song: Ram by The Yoleus

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Second ad break bumpers: Woman by John Lennon and All You Pretty Girls by XTC

Closing song: Angler’s Treble Hook by $5 Fiddle

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