dimland radio 8-22-20 show notes

Can’t Pretend That Growing Older Never Hurts Part Two

I gave an update to my mom’s medical challenges. The doctors determined she needed a pacemaker and they installed it last Wednesday. She got home Friday.

I wish I could say that she was well on the road to being herself again. This morning I got word she was taken back into the emergency room having another several anxiety attack. This isn’t over yet.

Stay tuned.

The Cat Is Good Though

Kitty with her new feeder.

Callie, our cat, has been more of a pain in the ass lately. She seems to constantly need attention and/or food. She had really been ruining our sleep (a reason to not have pets).

Amy decided it was time for a vet visit. Hoo boy! That means a vet bill (another reason to not have pets). The vet told us to get an automatic pet feeder. Which we did and I must say it has helped.

A couple days later, the vet called to tell you the blood work showed that kitty is in purrfect health. They may not have said it that way, but that’s the way I want to think they said it.

Letterman Swearing?!

During these dark days of the Covid, I’ve been looking for any moment of respite I can find. And I can find lots and lots of clips from Late Night with David Letterman. And I found one set of show clips of his “Why We Edit” segments.

At about he 32 minute mark is a clip of what they called their “foul show”. A show that had to be edited because they decided to let it all hang out. It’s funny, of course. It’s Dave. How could it not be funny?

The thing is Dave swears in the clip and it’s not bleeped. We hear him swear. There is no way this segment aired uncensored. So, that brings up the mystery as to how this unbleeped version exists.

Cool Thing: Scientists Take First Picture Of A Solar System Similar To Ours

Science succeeded in something historic. A photograph was taken of a solar system with multiple planets for the first time. This solar system is 300 million light years away and the photograph was taken by the Very Large Telescope in Chile. So cool!

Flat Earthers, Evolution Deniers, And The Dunning-Kruger Effect

None of us is immune to the Dunning-Kruger Effect, but the poster children for it have to be flat eathers and evolution deniers. There are plenty of videos of science promoting YouTubers taking on these science deniers.

SciMan Dan is one such YouTuber. Here’s one of his videos dealing with the ignorant arrogance of Kent Hovind, young earth creationist, evolution denier, and king of Dunning-Kruger. And in this video he takes on a flat earther.

I talked about a simple proof that demonstrates how we know the earth is a sphere and not flat. It involves the moon. You may not have been aware of this but the moon looks different to people living in the Southern Hemisphere to those living in the Northern Hemisphere.

If you live in, say, Minneapolis and you travel to Australia, when you look at the moon it will appear upside down. This is because we live on a spherical earth and not a flat one. If the earth were flat the top part of the moon would be the same no matter where you travel on the planet.

This video explains why the moon and the constellations appear upside down to a Northern Hemispherer when they venture to the Southern Hemisphere.

Creatures Of Habit

Baseball is back. The league is doing what it can to keep everyone involved during the Age of Covid. Regular testing, no fans in the stands, and masks are some of the measures being implemented. The mask wearing could be improved (cover those noses!) and more universal.

It was the masks that gave me a good chuckle at a recent game. I wish I could have found an image. I couldn’t so you will have to take my word on this.

“Say that again.” “Mumph mum murm mumph.” “WHAT?! Take that glove away. I can’t understand a word you’re saying.””

During mound visits in which catchers, pitching coaches, or managers want to discuss something with the pitcher, it is common to see the fellows covering their mouths. This is to keep the other team from reading their lips.

My chuckle came when the pitching coach put his hand in front of his mouth when talking to his pitcher. I laughed because the coach was already wearing a mask. Creature of habit, I guess.

Be patient. Wash your hands. Stay home. WEAR A MASK! Stay safe.

Dimland Radio opening theme song: Ram by The Yoleus

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Closing song: Angler’s Treble Hook by $5 Fiddle

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