dimland radio 7-25-20 show notes

A Few Cool Things (One Is Pretty Gross)

First was my excitement in seeing the building I clean on Tuesdays and Fridays had all the light fixtures replaced and converted to using LEDs. I was thrilled because I’m the one who changes the light bulbs and with LEDs I may not have to change another bulb for a long, long time. So cool!

The tired old fella.

Next was my trying my hand at plumbing. My wife and I had noticed the old faucet for the kitchen sink was getting harder to use and would leak occasionally. We agreed it was time to replace it and we also agreed on the style of the new faucet.

The new energetic fella!

I went out to The Home Depot (I wore my mask) and picked out a good one that was moderately priced. I first sent a photo of it to Amy for her approval. Very important to do that. I sent her photos of two similar faucets and we agreed on which was the best choice.

Installation was helped along by my father loaning me his faucet wrench, which extended my reach making it easier to get the old faucet removed and the new one in place. Without that tool I would have had to wake up Amy to have her help. She was sleeping like an angel, I couldn’t disturb her sleep. And the boy was out with friends, so it was up to the faucet wrench and me to get the job done.


The new faucet was successfully installed, but then the drain pipes began to leak. Oh, for the love of Mike! I got the leak stopped and only skinned one knuckle. Welcome to the world of plumbing. Still cool when everything was done.

This next thing was cool in a sick and gross sort of way. Our trash bin had been really stinking very, very badly in the days leading up to pick-up day. Each time I would open the lid my nose would be punched with the most horrific smell. “Did something die in there?!”

Well, turns out something very likely did die in there (or maybe in the house, because that trash under the sink had been awfully bad smelling before I took it out). On the morning of trash pick-up day I had another small bag to put in the bin. I opened it and the interior was covered in… maggots.


Gross! But it’s the circle of life and still kinda cool.

Mask Up, Minnesota

If there had been a 5% infection rate threshold for kicking in the mask mandate in Minnesota, and I could have been wrong about that, the governor decided not to wait until it was reached. The current rate of infection in the North Star state is at 4.6%, however the statewide mask mandate went into affect yesterday. And it’s about time.

People need to wear masks if we are going to get a handle on this pandemic. The “my rights are more important than your rights” crowd needs to realize that. I even used a constitutional argument for the mandating of mask wearing.

Facebook Follies

And still Facebook is being used to spread misinformation about the pandemic. It’s being used to sow doubts about science and the intentions of government in its response to this major public health crisis. It’s also being used to discredit social movements such as Black Lives Matter. I have people I know personally either posting for public consumption or coming directly to me with bullshit about the pandemic, masks, and ActBlue’s donation distribution practices.

The above image was posted on Facebook. It’s intent was to show the hypocrisy of Minnesota’s governor (fourth from left). “Look! They’re all standing next to each other and none of them is wearing a mask!”

OK. What is that in the governor’s hands? Isn’t that a mask? Isn’t it just possible the people in the photo took off their masks for the picture and put them back on and separated as soon as it was taken?

Also, the image gave me all the information I needed to find this report, which confirmed that the masks were removed for the photo op.

Another friend privately shared a Facebook video of a fellow thinking he had a gotcha on ActBlue, the donations platform that caters to Democrat, liberal, and, even progressive causes. I explained this on a previous show. ActBlue makes it easier for their clients to deal with donations by taking them off their clients’ shoulders. Yes, ActBlue charges a fee, but the campaigns and causes that work with them must think it is more cost effective and less time consuming to let ActBlue handle it.

It’s no mystery. There’s nothing shady going on. If BLM engages ActBlue’s services to collect donations, they get those donations minus ActBlue’s fee. Same thing as with the conservative donations service WinRed.

My friend was adamant that there was something underhanded going on and I couldn’t convince her there wasn’t. This was the same result I got when another friend sent me a private message linking to a Facebook video of another supposed gotcha moment.

This time it was about the media making up numbers of new cases of COVID-19. You see, a person discovered that if you put any three digit number followed by “new cases” in a Google search, you will get results for all of the 900 three digit numbers! Shocking! The media must be lying.

Except my friend and the gotcha video maker are apparently unaware of the Law of Large Numbers. I tried to explain to my friend the out of all the countries, states, counties, and cities reporting new cases around the world, and with the current number of approximately 15 million total reported cases of COVID-19, the likelihood of 900 numbers each being represented in the new case counts at some point in this pandemic are pretty good.

My friend didn’t see it that way.

Be patient. Wash your hands. Stay home. WEAR A MASK! Stay safe.

Dimland Radio opening theme song: Ram by The Yoleus

First ad break bumpers: Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) by Eurythmics and America Is Waiting by Brian Eno & David Byrne

Second ad break bumpers: Respectable Street by XTC and Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic by The Police

Closing song: Angler’s Treble Hook by $5 Fiddle

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