dimland radio 3-7-20 show notes

Fun With Customer Service

I start the show with a riveting tales of changing my PIN with my bank over the phone. It started with me checking if I could do it online. I couldn’t. So, let’s go to the phones. Several calls to the automated phone systems, which required speaking to someone in customer service three times. Eventually I succeeded in changing the PIN

There’s got to be a better way.

Ugh! This Coronavirus Thing

First of all, it’s called COVID-19. It’s a strain of the coronavirus, but the new media and the general public insist on calling it coronavirus. Sigh. It’s a fruitless battle for this pedant, so I surrender. Call it whatever you want.

There is more information coming out about this latest end of the world panic and it should help calm fears. Assuming people will actually pay attention. I will link to those items below:

First, there is Dr. Paul Offit who is a real doctor and has appeared on the television letting people know the we are seeing the mortality rate going down.

Next is the excellent podcast Science Vs giving an update on the status of the dread disease.

And then there’s John Oliver giving good information with a heaping helping of humor.

But What Of The Conspiracy Theorists?

Hey! Have you heard that this whole coronavirus infection is a plot by George Soros to do something nefarious… I guess.

That’s what I heard from a conspiracy theorist who shared a meme similar to the one you see here. They seem to think the Lysol was privy to the existence of coronavirus long before there was a coronavirus. I tried to explain the coronavirus has been around for a long time, that SARS and MERS were strains of it, and that the current strain is called COVID-19. But, nope, George Soros, New World Order, THEM!!!!

If only there was a vaccine for conspiracy theory.

Hang On, They’re Doing What Now?

The shrine to Our Lady of Lourdes is temporarily closing the healing pools to prevent pilgrims seeking miraculous cures for their diseases, ailments, illnesses from getting infection by the coronavirus.

Closing the healing pools to prevent the spread of a virus. Healing pools.


And speaking of the religious preying on the gullible, televangelist Jim Bakker has been given a cease and desist order from the New York Attorney General’s Office. Bakker has been selling some snake oil product called Silver Solutions as a cure for COVID-19.

A televangelist scamming their viewers?! The world is coming to an end!

They Were Told There Would Be No Math

On a recent edition of MSNBC’s 11th Hour hosted by Brian Williams, he and his guest Mara Gay, an member of the New York Times editorial board, showed the world they couldn’t do math. They, in a manner that showed them to be very pleased with themselves, shared a Tweet that was pointing out the staggering amount of money Mike Bloomberg spent on advertising in his bid to become the Democrat nominee for president.

But, oh boy, did they all get the math wrong.

To his credit, after a commercial break Williams noted the mistake and apologized.

Three Cool Things

Cool Thing #1: My second favorite band XTC has had a 49 track tribute album drop just this week. I haven’t listened to all the tracks yet, but those I have are pretty cool!

Cool Thing #2: Two videos of animals crossing a creek using a fallen tree bridge are so much fun. The first video is here, the second is here.

Cool thing #3: This photograph is of the surface on Mars, taken from the surface of Mars! Do I have to say it?

Music heard on the show…

Dimland Radio opening theme song: Ram by The Yoleus

First ad break bumpers: Peek A Boo by Siouxsie and the Banshees and Uniforms (Corp D’Esprit) by Pete Townshend

Second ad break bumpers: Traveling Man by The Woodentops and Once In A Lifetime by Talking Heads

Closing song: Angler’s Treble Hook by $5 Fiddle

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