dimland radio 2-8-20 show notes

Our Long National Nightmare Continues…

We knew it was going to happen. Some of the people involved told us it was going to happen. The impeachment process has been completed and Pres. Donald J. Trump has been given permission by the US Senate to enlist foreign nations to interfere in our elections. This along with the permission to lie under oath, granted by an earlier Senate.

Well, OK, not exactly. Both Trump and Pres. Bill Clinton were impeached, respectively, for those little oopies. So their permanent records will at least have those red marks.

I sent the first segment giving my observations on the process and, once again, I predicted that our illustrious leader will be re-elected.

I also gave kudos the Sen. Mitt Romney for being the only Republican senator to actually take his oath seriously, something no senator has done in the two impeachment trials to take place in my lifetime. Oh, they raised their hands and promised to weigh the evidence impartially and they signed a book reiterating that same oath, but they’d all made up their minds before the House managers presented their case.

His verdict made Romney the only senator to find against a president from the same party in the history of the three impeachment trials to have occurred in American history. Before you say Republicans voted against Pres. Andrew Johnson, you should know Johnson was a Democrat. They did things differently back in the 1860s.

Here is Sen. Romney’s speech on how he was going to vote in the trial.

Andy Gill Died

Boy, the celebrities are dropping like flies (not in 3s) these days. He may not have been as big a celebrity musician as Neal Peart, who died last month, but I would argue Andy Gill’s impact on music was almost as significant.

Gill was a founding and, as of his death, last remaining original member of the seminal post-punk band from the UK Gang Of Four. Gang Of Four influence was far reaching in alternative music from UK’s Au Pairs to America’s Red Hot Chilli Peppers. The latter had Gill produce their first album.

I first laid eyes and ears on Gang Of Four through the excellent concert movie Urgh: A Music War. That band’s contribution was mesmerizing. Check it out here.

Andy Gill was 64 when he died February 1, 2020. Cause of death was pneumonia.

A Crotchtatsic Halftime Show

I know. I’m a middle-aged white guy. Who needs to know what I think of the halftime entertainment provided by two middle-aged Latina women at this year’s Super Bowl?

Well, I’m telling you anyway. I was bemused. I don’t want to shame anyone. I just found all the crotch shots and the stripper pole confusing. Was it female exploitation or female empowerment? I don’t know.

I did a comparison of past halftime entertainments. Lady Gaga’s, Madonna’s, and Prince’s. I also took the opportunity to talk about the “Wardrobe Malfunction” incident of 2004. Wardrobe malfunction? As though seeing Janet Jackson’s bra instead of her bejeweled nipple would have made the fact Justin Timberlake tore her top off more palatable.

I know. OK, old man.

One Ad The Drew The Skeptical Eyeroll

The Super Bowl is almost as legendary for its ads as for the games. A sizeable portion of the audience watch it for the ads more than for the game. Weirdos.

One ad got under the skin of this skeptic. Michelob, a company that brews a product that resembles beer, is pushing for more organic farming. There are organic farming proponents that claim organic farming alone could feed the world’s 7.5 billion people. But the world’s population would need to go vegetarian and end 50% of food waste. Tall orders.

And organic proponents tend to be GMO opponents. We’re going to need GM crops if we are to feed the 9.8 billion expected by 2050.

Cool Things! Cool Things! Cool Things!

Cool Thing #1: Skeptic and actual doctor Steven Novella, host of the excellent Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe podcast, wrote a blog sticking up for science and for women by criticizing a New York Times op-ed defending the pseudoscience of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop. Steve is so cool.

Cool Thing #2: NASA, from a distance of 11.5 BILLION miles, was able to fix the ailing Voyager 2 spacecraft. Voyager 2 had shut down because of a possible overuse of power. If NASA would have been unable to fix the problem, we would have lost out on another approximately five years of information about interstellar space. But fix it, they did. Cool!

Cool Thing #3: There is a cleaned-up version of the famous Lumiere Brothers film: Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat. I marveled at of how, despite the clothing style, contemporary the images look. Those people catching or disembarking a train on an ordinary day in 1895 look current. In other films from antiquity, there’s a feel of old, but this clean up makes those people look more now than then. And they are all dead! Even the little kids. How cool is that?

Music heard on the show…

Dimland Radio opening theme song: Ram by The Yoleus 
First ad break bumpers: We’re So Cool by Au Pairs and Natural’s Not In It by Gang Of Four

Second ad break bumpers: Outside The Trains Don’t Run On Time and Paralyzed by Gang Of Four

Closing song: Angler’s Treble Hook by $5 Fiddle

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