dimland radio friday night music special 8-26-11 show notes

Friday Night Music Show Special

Another Friday night music show packed with not country music (I did that the last two Fridays). This time I played a more Indie, Punk, New Wave, etc. mix of music, however I did sprinkle in several songs by bands that have had at least one member work at the shirt printing shop that I worked at about 5 years ago. The shop was called Cold Side Silkscreening. I will note each Cold Side band with a CS, just so you know.

I am not allowed to archive music shows, so you had to tune in to listen. And this is the last music special I’ll be doing for the foreseeable future. The following is what you missed if you weren’t there…


My Degeneration – Crawdad Creek (CS)

Hearts Are Trump – Trio

Here Is The News – ELO

Tori Tori Tori – Dander (CS)

Lisztomania – Phoenix

Vanishing Girl – The Dukes Of Stratosphear

Set Adrift On Memory Bliss – PM Dawn

Bloodbuzz Ohio – The National

Red Rain – Peter Gabriel

Black Leather – All The Pretty Horses (CS)

White Girl – X

What A Life – Juliana Hatfield

That One – Guzzard (CS)

New World Man – Rush

Perfect Memory – TV Sound (CS)

Boy Who Cried Wolf – The Style Council

Ray Of Light – Madonna

Music For Boys – the Suburbs

We R The Engineers – Mach Fox (CS)

Ahead – Wire

Ram – The Yoleus (CS)

Regret – New Order

Walking Talking Johnny Cash Blues – The Godfathers

Rock ‘n’ Roll Hate – The Murderers (CS)

Wake Up The Nation – Paul Weller

That’s Not My Name
– The Tings Tings

The Mayor Of Simpleton

Be That Kind – TV Sound (CS)

Needle In The Hay – Elliot Smith

Love Will Tear Us Apart – Joy Division

House Divided – Mach Fox (CS)

Freeway Picnic Party (live) – Urban Guerrillas

Marathon – Audrey (CS)

What Difference Does It Make? – The Smiths

You’ll Never Pay For The Farm – Gang Of Four

5:15 – The Who

Talk Of The Town – The Pretenders

One Step Ahead – Split Enz

Wow And Flutter – Stereolab

Jique – Brazilian Girls

Cruel To Be Kind – Nick Lowe

Skyway – The Replacements

Angler’s Treble Hook – $5 Fiddle (CS)

Other Music heard on the show…

Dimland Radio opening theme song: ‘Twist’ by Tones On Tail

That’s it! You should know that I am not able to archive the music shows I do due to the limitations of Z Talk Radio’s music license. So, if you want to hear the music you have to tune in. Then I’ll see you next Friday night for Dimland Radio 10 Central, 11 Eastern on www.ztalkradio.com. You can email your questions and comments to drdim@dimland.com

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