dimland radio 4-24-10 show notes

Another fabulous show! Just me rambling on. No, I mean, just me making brilliant points and commentary as usual. Theater of the mind I mentioned this last week, but I wanted to promote it again. Z Talk Radio is doing something way cool. They are playing old time radio shows after Paradigm Shift (Fridays 10Continue reading “dimland radio 4-24-10 show notes”

dimland radio show notes 4-17-10

No guest on this show. I may have tweaked a nose or two by covering this year’s JREF Pigasus Awards. Trisha, a regular listener and chat room member gave me the “interesting show” response. I know that doesn’t necessarily mean something negative and Trisha is a friend of the show. I understand the audience doesn’tContinue reading “dimland radio show notes 4-17-10”

dimland radio 4-10-10 show notes

I had my first guest ever! It was Christy Necaise. Christy is the founder of the International Community For Paranormal Investigation & Research. She educates her investigators in the importance of being skeptical and how best to evaluate evidence. Christy also co-hosts a few programs on the Z Talk Radio network. Currently they include ParadigmContinue reading “dimland radio 4-10-10 show notes”

dimland radio 4-4-10 show notes

Just when I thought I was getting to hang of this radio thing, I forgot to have my iTunes activated properly with my broadcast software. I spotted the error in the first few minutes and corrected it. But we I listened to the show afterward, I noticed that my opening did not broadcast. Whoops. Well,Continue reading “dimland radio 4-4-10 show notes”