dimland radio 7-26-14 show notes

Do Not Attempt?   This was a special show as it featured the triumphant return of Chris Brown, host of the Meet The Skeptics podcast. It had been more than a year since I had Chris on for a Ten Minute Topic, so this time we went way over ten minutes. I had Chris onContinue reading “dimland radio 7-26-14 show notes”

dimland radio 9-15-13 show notes

Again, because of some family issues taking priority over putting together a new show, I replayed part two of my interview with George Hrab (originally aired 1/22/11).  I shall try to get a new show together for next Saturday, if I can I will explain the reason for my absence. A Guest! George Hrab PartContinue reading “dimland radio 9-15-13 show notes”

dimland radio 9-7-13 show notesBe

Because of some family issues taking up my time and ability to devote attention to putting together another stellar show, I opted to replay part one of my interview with George Hrab (originally aired 1/15/11).  If I can get it together, do a new show next week.  If I can’ maybe I’ll play part two.Continue reading “dimland radio 9-7-13 show notesBe”

dimland radio 3-24-12 show notes

Even Me Yep, even your humble host, Mr. Skeptic, can get caught by a scammer. I told two stories of encounters I’ve had with scammers. One much more recent, in which I don’t really do any damage. The another tale took place many years ago and I was out a few bucks, but learned aContinue reading “dimland radio 3-24-12 show notes”

dimland radio 12-17-11 show notes

Beer Spill Serious alcohol abuse! Just as I was about to go on the air, I dropped my beer! Smooth move, Sherlock. I Don’t Believe In Christmas George Hrab Honestly, I had planned to start off the show by playing George Hrab’s song, ‘I Don’t Believe In Christmas.’ However, it worked to cover some timeContinue reading “dimland radio 12-17-11 show notes”