dimland radio music extravaganza 4-15-12 playlist

Saturday Night Music Show Special Each Saturday in April I will be playing music right after I finish my regular edition of Dimland Radio. I can’t archive my music shows, so if you want to hear some good on a Saturday night in April, you’ll just have to tune in. Playlist Two Hearts Beat AsContinue reading “dimland radio music extravaganza 4-15-12 playlist”

dimland radio 12-31-11 new year’s eve music event

Friday Night Music Show Special Happy New Year, everyone! Instead of my regular show, I thought I’d treat my listeners to the best music that they will ever hear on Z Talk Radio, in my humble opinion, which is correct, of course. Here is the list that if you missed it, I’m sure you willContinue reading “dimland radio 12-31-11 new year’s eve music event”

dimland radio 12-30-11 friday night music show

Friday Night Music Show Special I nearly didn’t do a music show this night. I had planned to, I had a list of songs ready to go, but the regular host of Paradigm Shift (which will be returning to Z Talk soon) had planned on playing music this night. Since, this Friday night time slotContinue reading “dimland radio 12-30-11 friday night music show”

dimland radio 8-13-11 show notes music show

Music Show Continuing this August’s musical extravaganza, I played a series of song that all had one thing in common. I was testing listeners to see if they could guess that commonality. After the playlist (below), I will reveal the answer. I am not allowed to archive music shows, so you have to tune inContinue reading “dimland radio 8-13-11 show notes music show”