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i was born on the fourteenth day of november in the year 1964 in the city of st. paul, minnesota to robert and norma fitzsimons. they named me james mathew fitzsimons. i was the third of their four children. first came robert jr., followed by nancy, then myself, and finally came steve. i’ve lived in st. paul all my life (well, except for a six month period when i slipped across the river and resided in minneapolis. it involved a woman, but more on that later).

i went to johnson senior high in st. paul and graduated in 1983. from there i attended the school of associated arts (now called the college of visual arts) in st. paul. i took a three year program in illustration. i concentrated on drawing, painting, design and, of course, illustration. i also studied lettering, sculpture and photography. i received my certification in illustration in may 1986.

since graduating, i’ve worked for a couple silkscreening companies, a multi-media company that produced children’s educational material, an ad agency, and i’ve done freelance work for best buy, northwestern products, fallon mcelligott and others including private clients. i spent seven years after graduating art school trying to crack the nut that is comic books. believe me, that’s is a difficult nut to crack. kevin smith (director of clerks & dogma) said it was easier getting into the film industry than into the comic book industry.

i worked as a production artist for cold side from october, 1996 until may, 1998. i left to work as a graphic artist for rudisill advertising (now called mirage advertising). on november 5, 1999, i came back to cold side for a visit and it was then that i met amy green, the woman who replaced me. on october 13, 2001 amy and i were wed. (it was amy who got me out of st. paul for six months. don’t worry, we moved back in january, 2001.) august 1, 2003, my lovely wife gave birth to our beautiful son, hayden james. he’s the cutest baby in the world!

due to a shake up in the structure of the company and the never-ending (and unnecessary) pressure, i left rudisill advertising. i returned to cold side to work as office administrator with the occasional art production thrown in. so, that brings me to now. this website will work as my online portfolio. my hope is to expand my freelance work and maybe even possibly land a permanent position at a company that can use my talents.


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